스탠포드 대학원 한인 학생회



취업정보와 교내 이벤트가 업데이트되는 페이지입니다.

취업정보는 여기를 클릭 하셔서 확인해주시길 바랍니다 (스탠퍼드 아이디로 로그인 하셔야만 볼수있습니다).

캠퍼스 내 이벤트는 아래를 참고해주시길 바랍니다.

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[Shorenstein APARC] Seminar

  • 내용: “President Trump has stopped even mentioning North Korea’s abysmal human rights record in order to secure meetings with Leader Kim Jong-un ostensibly to make progress on serious security issues with North Korea. After 18 months of White House effort and two and a half summits, however, there has been little progress on denuclearization. Ambassador King argues that we must push North Korea on human rights in order to encourage the government in Pyongyang to respond positively the wishes of its own citizens. Unless we do this, we are unlikely to see real progress on shifting North Korea’s focus from nuclear weapons and missiles to the wellbeing of its own people.“

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